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Systemized Cleaning - Why It is So Important

All too often companies that use janitorial services have been disappointed in the consistency of the janitorial services they have received. Service is great at times and then substandard at other times. What are the causes for the variations? In most cases the problem is undefined or poorly defined cleaning processes. In many cases, janitorial services will leave the cleaning methodology up to the individual workers to decide how they will do their cleaning job. This causes a lot of variation in the cleaning results. A systematized cleaning process eliminates inconsistency by eliminating all of the variables that cause inconsistency in service. When variations in cleaning processes are eliminated, variation in the service is eliminated as well. Once a cleaning system becomes highly defined then it must be staffed with the right personnel. The key to finding the right workers, who are willing to follow the system, is to follow a selection process that filters out those individuals who are not willing to follow a system. This worker selection process is another system and a very important one. Here’s what you can expect from a systemized cleaning program. First you can expect consistency. When variations in the cleaning products, cleaning tools and cleaning processes are eliminated then the end result of the cleaning system becomes consistent. Next you can expect economy. As systems evolve, they become more efficient. These efficiencies add up to better service for less money while remaining profitable for the cleaning company. Next you can expect dependability. When all personnel are trained in the exact same system, changes in personnel that are inevitable from time to time, don’t affect the quality of the services being performed. You can also expect better cleaning personnel. The personnel servicing your facility will have been selected through a tested and proven process. They will have been trained and tested before being assigned to your facility. Having the right cleaning personnel makes all the difference. You can expect better quality control. One of the elements of a systemized cleaning program is management. That means periodic inspections, surveys and report cards so that the cleaning personnel receive feedback on their performance. This feedback is another essential element of the system. How is your current janitorial service doing? If their service seems to go up and down like a roller coaster then they’re probably not systematized. If you have to give them excessive feedback, they’re probably not systematized. If you tend to have the same complaints, over and over, they probably aren’t systematized. If you’re tired of micromanaging an inconsistent janitorial service provider, I recommend you look for a janitorial service that is systemized. It will make a world of difference. Here at Delta Janitorial Systems, we believe in systemized cleaning and over the past twenty nine years that we have been in business we have found it to be the most consistent way to exceed our customer’s quality expectations. This is how we can offer free trials of our janitorial service. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. My name is Dr. Don and I hope you found this article helpful.
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There is no risk or obligation and you have nothing to lose.

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