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Does Your Office Use Green Cleaning?

Hello, my name is Dr. Don and I want to welcome you to this Delta Janitorial Systems article where I’m going to answer a question we often get from prospective clients and that is: Does Delta Janitorial Systems use “green office cleaning”?

The simple and quick answer to that question is – yes we do – Delta Janitorial Systems does use green office cleaning processes, products and equipment. But the more important question that some of you may be asking is – so what? Who cares and why does green office cleaning even matter? What’s the big deal about green cleaning?


Green office cleaning is the answer to a big problem that you should be very interested in and that problem is indoor air quality. You see most offices have contained air conditioning and heating systems that recycle the same air over and over.

That means that dirt and toxins are brought into the environment but it’s difficult to get them out. Our office interiors like new carpet, freshly painted walls, new furniture are made of synthetic materials that give off what are called VOC’s. That stands for volatile organic compounds. These aren’t good for our health and often are the cause of headaches and allergies.

That “new” smell isn’t the healthiest thing for you. But the off-gassing of synthetic building materials declines with time.

However, synthetic building materials aren’t the only things that contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality. Believe it or not, your janitorial service may be one of the biggest contributors to the problem.

Many of the cleaning products used in standard janitorial service cleaning are very toxic to indoor air quality. These cleaning products may clean very well but they also give off VOC’s that are bad for our health and bad indoor air quality in general. It’s not just the cleaning products either; many janitorial services use commercial upright vacuum cleaners that spew small dust particles back into the air you breathe. Over time these small particles build up and create a very unhealthy environment.

You may not realize it but airborne dust particles are one of the main carriers of viruses and disease.

Green office cleaning uses cleaning products that don’t off-gas toxins and green cleaning uses dust containment technology that removes dust particles down to a fraction of a micron so that indoor air quality actually improves with each cleaning.

This can make a huge difference in the health and attendance of your staff. A good example of this is a Syracuse school district that switched to green cleaning. The switch led to a massive improvement in attendance.

Now consider this; the students had no idea that janitorial cleaning practices had changed and they probably wouldn’t have cared any way. But attendance significantly improved.

So you can see that green office cleaning is important because it improves the health and productivity of the staff. That makes more money for the business.

And  … green office cleaning costs no more than standard janitorial service practices. So if it all cost the same, why not demand green cleaning for your offices.

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