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Delta Dry Carpet Cleaning:
At Delta, we use a dry carpet cleaning system that is guaranteed ready for use in only 45 minutes after cleaning. Traditional hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” can force dirt to the base of the carpet by shooting pressurized solution into the carpet in the cleaning process. Depending on the amount of soil in the carpet, this can turn the dry soil into mud, and smell like mildew, wet pets or worse.
Window Cleaning
Delta Janitorial is pleased to provide professional interior and exterior window cleaning services. Our own personnel can clean exterior windows up to two stories. Because of insurance requirements, we work with companies that specialize in high rise window cleaning for exterior windows above the second floor.

More than 40 years ago, Delta started as a window cleaning company before it evolved into a full service janitorial service provider. We still have a passion for window cleaning done right!
Hard Floors
There are some new options when it comes to refinishing VCT and other hard surface floors. For decades we were locked into using harsh, toxic chemicals to remove damaged, dirty floor finish and restore hard surfaces to “like new” condition.

Now, new technology has given us better options. On most hard surface floors, dirty, damaged floor finish can be removed with a dry stripping process that uses no harsh, toxic chemicals. Often this option is more effective and less expensive than wet stripping options. There are still those situations where harsh chemicals may be required to remove extreme buildup. It’s nice to be able to use a more effective, “Green” hard surface refinishing method when possible.
Medical Facilities
A professionally cleaned and well maintained healthcare facility directly impacts your reputation and how your patients regard the quality of your services. Waiting rooms, restrooms and exam rooms are places where patients form their opinions of your facility maintenance and your attention to detail. A clean facility gives your patients confidence that you care about their health and that you are paying attention to the details that impact them. At Delta Janitorial, we’ll make you look good. We’ll do our part to deliver the Scope of Work your facility needs on schedule, just like clock work. You and your patients can depend on Delta.

A professionally cleaned medical facility has a direct impact on your reputation and patient impressions. When patients enter your healthcare facility, sit in the waiting room and use the restroom, they quickly judge cleanliness with their eyes and nose. A clean environment can help patients feel more comfortable when receiving medical care.


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