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Have you found it difficult to find Janitorial Services that will continue to perform up to your standards over time?

Well sadly, your experience has been shared by many. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The next Janitorial Service you choose can be the best choice you’ve ever made and you can get great service from a great company for many years to come.

Read on and you’ll learn the secret to avoiding Janitorial Services that start out with a bang, only to let you down over time.

Cleaning Supervisor Deann

Have you ever wondered why so many cleaning companies fail to maintain good, quality service over time?

After all, you’re paying good money to your janitorial service. Their duties are clear. All you want is a clean building. But instead you get disappointed. You call your cleaning company and things may pick up for a time but inevitably the service declines.

You end up having to supervise and manage the cleaning service like you would an inattentive employee who won’t listen or simply doesn’t get it. The whole reason you outsourced in the first place was so you wouldn’t have to micro-manage the office cleaning. If they would perform as agreed then your life would be so much easier.

Well the good news is that finding competent, courteous, professional Janitorial Services is not all that difficult.

All you have to do is pay attention to the 3 P’s of Performance

The quality and consistency of janitorial services are determined by these three factors.
  1. The Cleaning Procedures used to perform the services.
  2. The People who are performing the cleaning procedures.
  3. The Policies of the Janitorial Company, meaning the way the cleaning personnel are managed.
cleaning consistency

If any of these three elements are faulty, the service will suffer.

Or better said, the clients of the Janitorial Service will suffer. To insure that you don’t suffer with your next Office Cleaning Service, and to insure that you select a service that will serve your long term needs simply interview with the 3 P’s of Performance in mind.

Here’s What You Need To Ask Before You Decide:


Ask About Their Cleaning Procedures.

Ask them “What Cleaning Process does your company use? What tools are used? Do all of your personnel have the same equipment and use the same cleaning products?”

Remember that variation in tools, processes and solutions will create variation in the end results of the cleaning.


Ask About Their Cleaning Personnel.

Ask them “How do you select your cleaning personnel. What are your selection criteria? Who do you accept and who do you reject. And why? How are they trained?”


Inquire About Their Supervision and Management Policies.

Ask “How do you manage personnel? How do you give feedback to your cleaners? What policies are in place to deal with poor performance? How do you manage quality?”

Why Asking These Three Questions Is So Important.

If you choose from among Janitorial Services that have the right people performing the right procedures, using the right tools and managing their personnel well, then the results will be super fantastic janitorial services for ever, which is exactly what you want!

On the other hand, if just one of these elements is missing or weak then poor service is inevitable. If you want to talk with a great Janitorial Service Company that majors in the 3 P’s of Performance then you’ll want to talk to Delta Janitorial Systems.

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