Our Quality Control System Explained

Quality Is No Accident

Providing quality commercial cleaning services over a long period of time requires the consistent implementation of a quality delivery system.

It is a science as well as an art that many service providers simply don’t understand.

When the quality delivery system is broken down into the variables that affect janitorial quality it is easier to see how each variable must be managed.

The Cleaning System

More often than not, quality problems begin with deviations in the cleaning tools, products and processes used. These problems are minimized when a highly defined cleaning system like the S.M.A.R.T. Office Cleaning System is used.


Cleaning Personnel

It is possible to have the very best tools, products and processes but if the cleaning personnel refuse to use them properly and in the right sequence then the system will not be effective.

We have found that some people are just “system resistant”. We want to try to filter those people out before they ever perform services for Delta Janitorial Systems.

Here at Delta we use a predefined system to recruit, filter and train personnel that are “system friendly” and want to use our cleaning system.


System Compliance

In any organization, performance issues will come up and they have to be dealt with appropriately. In order to make sure they are dealt with appropriately and consistently we have an extensive written quality control policy that everyone understands.

This quality control policy describes the various issues that may come up and lets everyone know what the consequences are for deviation. Some consequences are immediate termination while other are addressed with warning that can also lead to termination if they persist.

The goal is to work non-conformers out of our system so that Delta clients receive the service they bargained for and that we promised to deliver. Since our work is backed up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee then we must make sure our cleaning personnel are performing at the top of their game at all times.



Great cleaning service delivered consistently over a long period time is the result of having three variables under control.

They are:

1. A highly defined cleaning system
2. Delivered by highly trained personnel
3. Consistently managed with fairness by a fully disclosed and written quality control policy.

You can be confident that with Delta Janitorial Systems you will receive state of the art janitorial service managed and delivered by a team of caring professionals.