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Why Allergies, Asthma & Cancer Are On The Rise

Today, many manufacturers produce cleaners that have added synthetic and potentially poisonous chemicals within them. These mass-produced and low cost cleaners may look like they lather and clean better. However, these added synthetic chemicals are very dangerous to your health as most if not all of them have been derived from crude petroleum oil. Think of the gasoline you put in your car before it has been refined. The air you breathe everyday at work may be polluted by odorless, colorless fumes that are released from these cleaners. This is called “out-gassing.” Once these chemicals are airborne, they can easily mix with chemicals from other cleaners and become much more dangerous. These chemicals are either causing or contributing to allergies, asthma and cancer. The scary part is that these cleaning solutions are readily available and used every single day by most janitorial service companies. Over the past 60 years, as these cleaners have become more prevalent, we have seen a dramatic increase in cases of allergies and diseases such as cancer and asthma. Most health experts believe and have documented a clear correlation between the prevalence of these synthetic chemicals to the rise in cases of these conditions and diseases. Recent research has uncovered these disturbing facts –
  • 25% increase in the incidence of cancer from 1973 to 1998
  • 50% increase in asthma rates over the last 20 years
  • Billions spent every year by average Americans just like you, to battle allergies
  • 15% to 30% of the Americans, just like you, have a new disease called “multiple chemical sensitivity”
Most of us are exposed to chemicals at levels that can cause suffering over our lifetimes. These subtle symptoms can dramatically lower our ability to enjoy our everyday lives by causing chronic conditions such as –
  • headaches
  • rashes
  • breathing difficulties
Also, think about how these toxic chemicals affect our children. They are physically smaller, have fewer developed defenses and therefore much more vulnerable. The easy solution is to make a simple change in the way your offices are cleaned. We offer unique clean and healthy solutions. Call (972) 261-9800 today. You and your staff will enjoy a healthier, more toxic free environment tomorrow.
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