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Breast Cancer Has Been Blamed On Cleaning Products

Women are more now than ever, at risk for breast cancer as well as other conditions and diseases. A recent st udy noted that pollutants trapped indoors contain increasing levels of cancer-causing chemicals. These chemicals are called carcinogens and can be found in most seemingly innocuous, common cleaning products. Women’s bodies also tend to hold approximately 10% more body fat than men. As a result, women can store more toxins and synthetic chemicals in their bodies. Also, most people spend less than 5% of their time outdoors. So, a vast majority of time is spent indoors inhaling and otherwise in direct contact with harmful cleaning chemicals. In our workplaces, most janitorial companies use them in mass quantities to clean our buildings and offices. When stored, these chemicals ooze colorless, odorless fumes that pollute the air you breathe. If mixed with chemicals from other cleaners, they can combine to cause even more damage to our health. In a recent study, dust and air samples were taken from over 100 homes. Chemicals released from spot removers, window cleaners and other household cleaners were found to have been present in potentially harmful levels. Most of these homes tested positive for chemicals that have already been identified as causing breast cancer. As new and “more” effective cleaning chemicals are introduced, new poisons are being found in homes everyday. New studies are being performed to determine the link between cleaning chemicals and breast cancer. Studies in progress will compile lists of chemicals already identified as causing mammary tumors and test for those chemicals in indoor environments. Researchers believe that breast cancer may be correlated to or caused by these cleaners. In recent years, as the proliferation of these common cleaning chemicals have been on the rise, so too have the reported cases of breast cancer. Today, breast cancer effects one out of eight women. Compare this figure to all cancer reported prior to the 20th century, one out of 8,000. As of now, the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) has determined that chemicals found in everyday common cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than other pollutants in the air. In addition to breast cancer, these cleaning products have been associated with many other diseases and conditions. Here are a few cancer causing chemicals, or carcinogens, found in common cleaners. Call (972)261-9800 today to improve your indoor working environment.

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