Are The Cleaning Products In Your Home or Office Making You Sick?

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Biohazard Symbol
Chemical or ingredient
side effect
Ammonia and Ammonium Hydroxide
Severe chest pain, severe throat pain, severe burns, severe abdominal pain, vomiting and fatal if ingested
Carbolic Acid or Phenol
Excessive sweating, convulsions and fatal if taken internally
Highly toxic carcinogen, abdominal pain, coma and diarrhea
Hydrochloric acid
Weakness, shortness of breath, vomiting blood and severe pains
Lye and Sodium Hydroxide
Difficulty breathing, throat swelling, loss of vision, burns and severe pain
Naphtha and Naphthalene
Shortness of breath, increased heart rate, confusion and coma
Nitrobenzene or Oil of Mirbane
Easily absorbed through the skin, causes discoloration,  jaundice liver damage and death
Damages liver, kidney, nervous system
Petroleum Distillates
Very flammable and suspected carcinogen
Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol
Liver damage, heart damage, necrosis, respiratory failure and fatal if taken internally
Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleach and Chlorine
Irritant, lethal if ingested, number one cause of poisoning in children
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Irritant, will effect areas such as eyes, throat and skin
Damages liver, kidneys, breathing passages and lungs
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