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Sales Assistant Opportunity

This truly is a valuable and rare opportunity for the right person. It’s common knowledge that sales is one of the highest paid professions on the planet. Yet, getting a great sales job isn’t that easy.

You see, when it comes to getting a job in sales, an individual’s education doesn’t pull much weight. A college degree is nice and may get you an interview but Sales Managers want to know most of all – Can you sell? Can you close deals and bring in business? 

Since past performance is always the best predictor of future success, successful sales experience trumps almost everything else. A person who is great in sales can always get a job and their earnings will always be in line with their selling skills. 

Of course good ethics, good work habits, good time management and a few other essential skills also come into play in addition to good selling skills. 

So – how does a person break into the lucrative world of sales? If you need successful experience to get a good job in sales and you need a job in sales to get successful selling experience, where does one begin?

Many times new sales people begin in commission only sales jobs demonstrating consumer products to anyone who will listen. Some start out selling cookware in home demonstrations, or demonstrating vacuum cleaners or a dozen other consumer products.

These jobs do indeed offer a lot of experience. These jobs have a few downsides. Since these jobs are selling to consumers, most of the work is done in the evenings and weekends. Plus, most people can’t earn enough money to survive so the failure rate is high. After all, we all have to eat and pay bills.

The best jobs are B2B sales jobs. That’s businesses selling to businesses. These jobs have daytime, normal business hours so the salespersons evenings and weekends are free. They also offer non commission compensation in addition to commissions and bonuses. This means a stable, risk free income for the salesperson. 

All of the challenges discussed above are the things that make our Sales Assistant position so rare and valuable to the right person. Right now we have a fantastically successful Superhero Salesperson who has earned the name Killer-Kathy. 

Through years of successful selling, Kathy mastered every step in the B2B sales process. Kathy creates so much sales activity she needs some help. We’ve created the position of Sales Assistant to leverage Kathy’s skills into generating even more revenue. 

The person or persons who are fortunate enough to become one of Kathy’s Sales Assistants will be trained in every aspect of the B2B sales process. This is kinda like an internship but with pay. It may be more like an apprenticeship. In this position there will be training (lot’s of training) but the real learning will come from doing under the guidance of a Master. 

BONUS: The Sales Assistant not only gets paid for their time, they will also share in the sales commissions the team generates.

If you want to develop your sales skills, get valuable B2B sales experience and help Kathy make more money then this is your opportunity. To apply, send your resume to [email protected] or call (972) 261-9800 to set up an interview. Who knows, you could be our next sales Superhero. We look forward to hearing from you.