How would you like to have a Building Maintenance Service you don’t have to micro-manage?

Many businesses have been through so many Building Maintenance Services that they wonder if they’ll ever find one that can provide competent cleaning services over a long period of time.

They’re tired of empty promises and the quality roller coaster they’ve experienced with so many Building Maintenance Services in the past.

Here’s Another of the Many Reasons Why So Many Building Maintenance Services Fail

It is very inexpensive to start a building maintenance company on a small scale. Because the cost of entry is so low, the business is attractive to a lot of people who may know very little about running a business professionally.

A Building Maintenance Service that provides great service over a long period of time has a well defined Company Mission Statement and is built on a solid foundation of Guiding Value and Belief Statements.

Most Building Maintenance Services have never taken the time to articulate their mission or their guiding values and beliefs. Yet without the right target, success in anything is unlikely.

One essential ingredient …

One essential ingredient to a successful Building Maintenance Service is a well thought out mission statement that has been communicated throughout the organization.

The company mission statement should define the purpose of the business and guide the foundational values and beliefs. The mission statement defines what the company will do and how they will do it.

A company that hasn’t taken the time to articulate their mission in writing probably hasn’t taken the time to write down their processes, their policies or their business philosophies either.

They’re probably running their business with few, if any policies in place, making important decisions on the fly.

When considering a Building Maintenance Service, make sure they have a well thought out mission statement and that they’ve invested time and thought into defining the values and beliefs they will use to provide service to your business.

When you read their mission statement you will quickly see if it makes sense and if it matches your own values and beliefs.

What Is a Mission Statement?

A Mission Statement defines the reason a business exists. It defines the purpose of a business and how the business will serve the community. It serves to focus the executives and the staff on the targets the company is trying to hit.

It helps prevent the company from getting off track into side ventures that would take away from the core business of the company. If a company determines it will enter into another area of service the mission statement will need to be updated to reflect the new mission.

What Are Value Statements?

Where a mission statement defines the major purpose of a business, written values define how the mission will be carried out. They address issues like honesty, integrity and ethics.

While a mission statement defines what a business will do, the value statements define what a company will not do.

What Are Belief Statements?

Belief statements help define the self-image of a business. These are things that a company chooses to believe about itself and determines to live up to.

Benefits of a Building Maintenance Service With a Strong Mission and Defined Values:

#1: Better Cleaning Personnel

When an employee goes to work for a Building Maintenance Service that knows what they will do, what they will not do and how they want to be viewed in the marketplace, the employee knows how they will fit or not fit into the organization.

If a Building Maintenance Service is serious about fulfilling its predetermined mission, values and beliefs it won’t keep personnel that don’t support these directives. That means better staff to serve the clients of the building maintenance service.

#2 Better Customer Service

Great customer service begins with an attitude of service. When a Building Maintenance Service has written out how they will service their clients and the community, it serves as a foundation for excellent customer service.

The value and belief statements let the customer service agents know how far the building maintenance service intends to go in order to satisfy their clients needs and requests.

If working with a Building Maintenance Service with sound Mission, Values and Beliefs makes sense so far …

I would like to invite you to go request a free, no obligation janitorial quote by filling in the for in the right panel or if you wish you can call 972-261-9800 and request an appointment.

When a Building Maintenance Service has refined their mission, values and beliefs, they’ve refined their service in every way. There is an old saying that goes “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

That’s so true. When a Building Maintenance Service determines what they will do, what they won’t do and how things will be done, they’ve predetermined their own standards.

Those standards then become the standards for everyone in the company. Those that fail to embrace those standards don’t get to stay because they don’t help the building maintenance service achieve their mission.

In The End The Customer Is The Big winner!

Now that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? If you’re considering a new Building Maintenance vendor, I would strongly suggest that you begin by asking each candidate about their Company’s Mission Statement.

Then ask if they have written value and belief statements. This will let you know a lot about the management and the vision of those that actually run the Building Maintenance Service.

I also suggest that you request a janitorial proposal from Delta Janitorial Systems. Here at Delta we have a clearly defined mission statement and we’ve refined our value and belief statements over the years.


If they haven’t taken the time to develop these guiding statements then stop!

Find a Building Maintenance Service like Delta Janitorial Systems who has taken the time to develop and refine their purpose, values and beliefs. You’ll be glad you did!

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